Holguin Cuba Airport Review | Loney Baker | Canada

When we arrived at Holguin Airport we were three hours in advance of the flight time I went inside and immediately noticed two things. Incredibly long lines for check in and an unbearable smell, we waited in a long line of people for one hour and twelve minutes to check in and headed for the washrooms. Every flush in the terminal was full to overflowing and there was no water with to flush or even wash ones hands. Disgusting! On arrival at the booth to pay my departure tax, all I had were a 20 peso note and a 10 peso note. I gave these to the man at the desk and he took them, put them somewhere under the counter and folded his arms and refused to look at me again. I got no change. We went to the cadeca exchange to change my remaining 40 pesos to Canadian and I received $33cdn. On questioning the lady she screamed “no change, no coin”! I am totally disgusted with this airport. I loved my stay in Cuba, but my experience at Holguin will in all probability keep me from returning.

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