Holguin Cuba Airport Review | Rebecca Smith

These comments relate to the older, national terminal. Frank Pais International Airport at Holguin has two terminals; one (modern) deals with international charter and scheduled services, and the other (older) deals with flights to and from Havana. The tone is set when passengers see the huge portrait of former President Fidel Castro on the airport terminal, plus the slogan on the perimeter wall “Socialism or Death”. This sets the tone for what is usually a pleasant visit to the city of Holguin. Incoming passengers walk to the terminal, where an excellently designed baggage conveyor promptly brings the luggage to be reclaimed. The design of this conveyor, requiring passengers simply to reach their suitcases off the belt, is in contrast to those at much newer, larger US airports. On arrival for your return flight check in is swift and simple, and the waiting lounge has somewhat noisy Cuban TV playing loud music all the time.

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