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New Discount Code – DESC2012CTS


The news this month is an “across the board 20% discount” on Cuba Car Rental Airport for rentals starting on or before the 30th of July. Essentially all categories and models receive the 20% discount code. The incredible offer being rolled out by the three major operators allows Cuba Car Rental Airport online bookings with an amazing 20% off between 25 April 2012 and July 31st. Furthermore, rentals which begin in the discount period and end later (presumably August) will have the remaining days discounted by 10%.


This is the first time we´ve seen an across the board discount scheme for online sales for Cuba Car Rental Airport. As far as we can gather the objective is that bookings be made directly with the Cuban suppliers on their approved websites because, several agents have told us that no such discount exists from them.


“Cuba Car Rental Airport Discounts Code!”


Therefore, if you are planning a Cuba Car Rental Airport this season you should book ASAP as we do not know how long the code will remain active. Visit the following official websites and make your bookings. Download here the explanation of the discount program and how to access this.


Pages for bookings in English

Cuba Car Cuba


REX Car Rental

Via Car rental


*Note: as we all know, these websites are all run by Transtur´s booking agent so bookings on any of them will garner the same results for Cuba Car Rental Airport also see cuba car rental reviews


Don´t say we didn´t get you the latest news!! (-:



Cuba Car Rental Airport

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