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Car Rental Cuba 2012 driving tips straight from the airport

Car Rental Cuba? For those of you who Car Rental Cuba this summer there are a few things you should be aware of when driving around this precious island.   Taking advantage of your Car Rental Cuba might mean traveling from say, Havana to Santiago de Cuba and, spending some time at Cuba Hotels or […]


Varadero Cuba Airport Review | Gregory Silvers

Once we arrived at Varadero Airport  we had to line up for a while to go through customs, as everyone has to go through individually to show their Visas and passports. Once through things went a lot quicker our bags were already off loaded and we found our rep who pointed us in the direction […]


Varadero Cuba Airport Review | James Summerville

In Cuba I´d say Varadero is the main tourist area and as such one would assume it to have a modern well equipped international airport with all the amenities one would expect, and this is the case. Like all Cuban airports this one is named after some hero from Cuban history.   At least I presume […]


Varadero Cuba Airport Review | Mike Jones

Terrible place. On arrival waited 50 mins around a baggage claim carousel that displayed the flight, for it to change to the other one (yes, only 2 claim belts in an arrivals hall) So not a problem you may think, wrong. Literally hundreds of people (One full British flight and one full Russian flight) shoved […]


Varadero Cuba Airport Review | Jamie Hardcastle

I agree with all other comments. Baggage claim is still taking a long time considering the short distance from the aircraft and minimal schedules. Priority baggage tags don’t seem to be recognised either. The two baggage carousels are positioned on either side of the walk route to arrivals, so if there are a lot of […]