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Havana airport car hire 2012

Havana airport car hire Update   With the high season fast approaching for Havana airport car hire we´ve been looking at options and prices for the year end mad rush for confirmations. CubaCAR, Havanautos and REX are offering international bookings through their aforementioned Havana airport car hire partner sites. VIA is only offering through CarRentCUBA […]


Cuba Airport Customs duties tax

Cuba Customs duties A massive increase in Cuba customs duties took effect in Cuba on Monday, catching many air travelers unaware and leaving some shocked at the new fees. A Cuban American who arrived with her husband for a visit to the island where she was born, speaking outside the CubaCar Rental office said she […]


Car Rental Cuba 2012 driving tips straight from the airport

Car Rental Cuba? For those of you who Car Rental Cuba this summer there are a few things you should be aware of when driving around this precious island.   Taking advantage of your Car Rental Cuba might mean traveling from say, Havana to Santiago de Cuba and, spending some time at Cuba Hotels or […]


Car Rental Cuba | Havana Airport

Car Rental Cuba making you crazy? Car Rental Cuba in this year’s high season of July and August is going to be tricky. We have been informed that from June 15th (in a few days…) local agencies in Cuba and foreign agencies who resell Car Rental Cuba will be prohibited from confirming further services. This […]


Pope Visit to Cuba | Havana Airport security

Pope Visit to Cuba The Pope´s upcoming visit to Cuba is causing headaches for travel professionals and their clients. As Cuban authorities step up security in anticipation of the Pope Visit to Cuba some visitors are finding that their Rent A Car in Cuba is being moved outside the Jose Marti airport and into Havana […]


Havana Jose Marti Airport Review | Gary Shane

Inbound Havana Airport offers very long delays at immigration and for collecting checked baggage. Following a very slow, humourless, and rigorous immigration procedure you might expect that you would enter the baggage hall and find your baggage already on the belt, after waiting an hour. since the aircraft landed. Far from it, you first have […]


Havana Jose Marti Airport Review | K McElroy

Havana Airport is small functional (but can be very slow) and little else. Arrivals (luggage delays aside) is ok, getting out is a different story. At first it seems that check in etc is quite quick, then you pay your 25cuc airport tax and then move to immigration. This can take hours, staff disappear at […]


Havana Jose Marti Airport Review | J Smith

There are cash machines at foreign exchange desks at arrivals and departures. They accept Visa cards but not Mastercard. You will be charged a 11 percent commission plus your own bank’s handling charges but it may save you queuing for 1 plus hours. I was also conned by the lady at the foreign exchange desk, […]


Havana Jose Marti Airport Review | Peter Summers

Havana Airport (Jose Marti) has 3 terminals. Terminal 2 is mainly used for charter flights from Miami. This terminal was built few years ago and was mainly for international flights, however, seemed quite small and impractical. Since tourism kept increasing every year, a new international terminal was needed. Terminal 3 started on 1998. Since it […]


Havana Jose Marti Airport Review | Michael Tanner

Jose Marti International Airport has at least five terminals, despite what you may read in this website and in other media. One terminal, a decade old in 2008 built with Canadian expertise, deals with most long haul internatiional flights, and one with mainly with Cuba internal flights. there are also separate terminals for charter flights […]

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