Havana Jose Marti Airport Review | Peter Summers

Havana Airport (Jose Marti) has 3 terminals. Terminal 2 is mainly used for charter flights from Miami. This terminal was built few years ago and was mainly for international flights, however, seemed quite small and impractical. Since tourism kept increasing every year, a new international terminal was needed. Terminal 3 started on 1998. Since it is not a big airport, I think is running fairly well. I had been in Havana 5 times, arriving from different countries. As a rule, Immigration is fairly quick, although I found it particularly slow one night, when 3 flights from Europe arrived almost at the same time (1 hour waiting) . Luggage collection is OK. Public transport from Havana Terminal 3 is non existing, but they are plenty of taxis and the ride to the center takes no more than 30 minutes. No hotels around, so I recommend connecting passengers catch a taxi and go around the city if you stay for half a day. Facilities are few, although they are ok.

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