Havana Jose Marti Airport Review | K McElroy

Havana Airport is small functional (but can be very slow) and little else. Arrivals (luggage delays aside) is ok, getting out is a different story. At first it seems that check in etc is quite quick, then you pay your 25cuc airport tax and then move to immigration. This can take hours, staff disappear at a moments notice and its anybody’s guess how long before they return, time and time again this happened, even when my passport/visa was being checked. As far as food/drink etc, drinks are fine but food is poor and very expensive. Although it claims to be 24hr, there is nothing open after 11pm (approx), so if you’re delayed, stock up. If you have problems with your flight being delayed etc. Dont expect any help, you’ll have to explain the same thing over and over again, better off contacting the airline in your home country. Its worth noting that they have cardphones in the airport but nobody sells the cards there – I checked everywhere. So have a card on hand, there are coin phones but pesos only and its very difficult to phone international. Also there is no internet access until after you go through check in/immigration (no wireless either). Basically : Get there 4hrs early, double check the queues for check in, have your visa immigration forms and 25cuc on hand and get a phone card before going to the airport just in case. Car rentals at Havana Airport can be expensive

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