Havana Jose Marti Airport Review | Gary Shane

Inbound Havana Airport offers very long delays at immigration and for collecting checked baggage. Following a very slow, humourless, and rigorous immigration procedure you might expect that you would enter the baggage hall and find your baggage already on the belt, after waiting an hour. since the aircraft landed. Far from it, you first have to have your hand baggage scanned and inspected on arrival. Then you reach the very small baggage hall. None of these places have much in the way of air conditioning by the way. You might as well queue to change money here, as an hours delay since flight arrival still sees no baggage on the belt. It took at least a further 30 minutes before baggage began to appear, painfully slowly, on the belt, each belt rotation producing one or two new items, seemingly belonging to those still well back in the immigration queue. Then they start using a second belt, but delivery is not much faster. Be extremely careful in dashing from one belt to the other to check for bags, as raised rails to hold baggage trollies on the floor act as lethal dangers on the floor. Lack of space, and the very large numbers clustered around the small belts make trips fairly likely. Figure on an hour and a half to two hours for any bags here. Going back out I found check in fast, but very slow queues to pay the mandatory 25 CUC exit tax. Security was thorough, but not particularly slow and gives access to a very undersized terminal, opened by the unlikely combination of J Chretien and Fidel as recently as 1999. With very few facilities it is not a place you would wish to spend much time at all. As others have said, all the seats here can easily be filled by a few departures close together.

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