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Car Rental Cuba

Car Rental Cuba in this year’s high season of July and August is going to be tricky. We have been informed that from June 15th (in a few days…) local agencies in Cuba and foreign agencies who resell Car Rental Cuba will be prohibited from confirming further services. This strategy is nothing new but, what is new is the chosen date. Usually, Car Rental Cuba confirmations to resellers are ended on July 1st, this year it’s June 15th. We are told by MINTUR insiders that this is because Cuba is breaking all records for summer bookings as they have this year…

So, what does this mean to you and your Car Rental Cuba?


Firstly, if you intend to book Car Rental Cuba for July and August then try to do this before the June 15th deadline. After this deadline you will be unable to book or receive confirmations from ANY RESELLER and you will have to organize your booking directly with the Cuban car rental companies. The official websites of CubaCAR , Havanautos and REX Car Rental will continue to accept bookings on a first come first served basis.

What if I wait and organize my Car Rental Cuba when I arrive at a rental desk?


If you are one of life’s extremely lucky people or an adrenaline Junky ( Cuba has lots of these 🙂 you may wish to take the risk. Most probably, you will need to travel far and wide and waste a big chunk of your first days locating a car which is available. Invariably, your constant luck may just run out… If you do find a car, be aware that Cuban car rental companies operate what is called “extreme high season” rates for clients who have not pre-booked. These shocking rates are often 30-50% more than online rates at their official websites but, if you can´t get a pre-confirmation then what choice do you have?

A third party agency has confirmed my Car Rental Cuba but I cannot get them to send the voucher or official confirmation….


Several known agencies based in Cuba sell cars they don´t have or have not received confirmation for hoping that somehow they will get a cancellation or something…They never send the official voucher and try and win time. Our section on Car Rental Cuba scams & rip-offs provides links to client complaints concerning these agencies. While many have closed down, gone out of business or been shut down by the Cubans, sadly…some still remain… If you feel you may be a victim of one of these agencies then send us the details below and we´ll do our best to investigate.


“Only use Car Rental Cuba official websites”

Can I get discounts on Car Rental Cuba if I book before the June 15th deadline?


Yes. We have checked with CubaCAR, Havanautos and REX Car Rental and you can still book with their 20% discount program click here for details until June 15th. After that date, they will still accept online bookings but without the discount. No bookings will be accepted unless your booking is directly through their websites

What types of cars are available for Car Rental Cuba this summer?


Here´s a link to one of our earlier blog posts that shows the current fleet of cars. If your Car Rental Cuba needs a Jeep, Minivan and Van then you really should be bookings this immediately on one of the official websites mentioned above because they are very, very difficult to get.


If any of you have some information that will help our readers get Car Rental Cuba easier then please drop us a message below.


Thanks and enjoy Cuba!!!


Car Rental Cuba

Dr. Fauster – UNI Peru/Habana

*Dr. Fauster has visited Cuba 11 times since 1997

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