Pope Visit to Cuba | Havana Airport security

Pope Visit to Cuba

Pope Visit to Cuba

The Pope´s upcoming visit to Cuba is causing headaches for travel professionals and their clients. As Cuban authorities step up security in anticipation of the Pope Visit to Cuba some visitors are finding that their Rent A Car in Cuba is being moved outside the Jose Marti airport and into Havana City Some have had to take taxis while others have been collected by benevolent rental car employees and escorted to their vehicles in the city. We interviewed Pedro Alvarez Salizar from the airport authorities about the Pope Visit to Cuba, he explained “we are stepping up security and, this means moving non necessary traffic away from the airport areas and this includes rental cars which are normally parked in the Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 areas but, we´ve decided to move these into the city. We have already begun direct city drop offs with shuttle services to finally bring passengers to the airport”


However, this seems to not only to be affecting Cuba car rental clients but also Hotel guests. One client staying at the Hotel Nacional Havana said he found it difficult to find the shuttle bus the hotel offers because it had been moved to across the parking area whereas it normally is stationed right outside the terminal exit area.


We also interviewed the Havanatur agent at Jose Marti Airport about the Pope Visit to Cuba who advised that the Havana VIP Lounge at the airport would be closed to the public from March 15th until April 6th, presumably to accommodate visiting dignitaries and heads of state.


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Flights to Cuba have yet to be affected but, as we approach the dates of the Pope Visit to Cuba we expect to experience some delays not only through increased air traffic but, also through these security measures.


Pope Visit to Cuba Delays