Varadero Cuba Airport Review | Gregory Silvers

Once we arrived at Varadero Airport ¬†we had to line up for a while to go through customs, as everyone has to go through individually to show their Visas and passports. Once through things went a lot quicker our bags were already off loaded and we found our rep who pointed us in the direction of our coach. When we got on the coach there is a man on board offering cocktails, what you aren’t told at the time is that these are not free; luckily I had done my research and knew this so turned the drinks down as we didn’t have any Pesos to pay with.

You can get your money exchanged at the Varadero airport but everyone else has the same idea so the queues were pretty long, we decided to wait until we got to the hotel, where they accept Canadian Dollars.

It took around 30 minutes to get to Varadero resort from Varadero airport, once inside our Varadero Hotel, there was another long queue as quite a few holiday makers had arrived at the same time, but the reception ladies were extremely friendly and told us all the information we needed to know at the time.

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