Holguin Cuba Airport Review | Angela Marsden

Have someone get off the plane asap, get right through and head for the Cambio (Exchange counter) especially if your numerous or a group. Otherwise you may be queued up for a while. The rates are fair. There is a small drinks stand down an “alleyway” between Arrivals & Departures. Assuming you were smart enough to bring back some CUC or got a small amount in the airport, the beers & pop are cold & cheap. Still only .80 for a Crystal or Buccanero, but oddly enough it’s 1 Peso for a Tucola. Cheaper than on the bus, if offered. Back in March 2007, there was extensive work being done to bring more A/C to the upper level and close in the open outside balcony on the upper level. I guess the crowding factor made them notice. The duty free is the best deal in town. Not being computerized for check-in does have it’s drawbacks when it comes to seat selection, etc. Especially when HOG is a stop on the way and others have already boarded. Found no difference between Cubana & SkyService, it’s the airport running the show. The Customs / Immigration staff always seem to be polite but not too friendly, after all, they do have a job to do protecting Cuba. Once we left and nobody wanted my cigar documents, another time, they were all over the boxes. A few pleasantries en Espanol goes a long way. Be a gracious tourist and learn some of the lingo. Note that liquids in carry-ons is not the concern as in most other countries. Full bottles of rum? No problem. Bottles of lotion? No problem. And this is for goods packed before Security screening, not after like with duty free stuff.

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