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Holguin Cuba Airport Review | Rebecca Smith

These comments relate to the older, national terminal. Frank Pais International Airport at Holguin has two terminals; one (modern) deals with international charter and scheduled services, and the other (older) deals with flights to and from Havana. The tone is set when passengers see the huge portrait of former President Fidel Castro on the airport […]


Holguin Cuba Airport Review | E Winters

Holguin is a tiny airport, not used to more than 8 movements a day, so when things go wrong, they simply don’t have the staff to sort out the problems. I experienced delays in both my inbound and outbound flights, so I got to see a lot of the airport. Immigration is a major hold up, since […]


Holguin Cuba Airport Review | Jonathan Edwards

Always reserve the Holguin VIP  lounge as soon as you arrive ready for your return. I didn’t and sat jealously sweltering and being bitten by mosquitos as I waited for my inevitably late flight. Otherwise if there is only one flight due, there seems to be enough room and seats, probably get too crowded if more than one […]


Holguin Cuba Airport Review | Loney Baker | Canada

When we arrived at Holguin Airport we were three hours in advance of the flight time I went inside and immediately noticed two things. Incredibly long lines for check in and an unbearable smell, we waited in a long line of people for one hour and twelve minutes to check in and headed for the […]


Holguin Cuba Airport Review | Angela Marsden

Have someone get off the plane asap, get right through and head for the Cambio (Exchange counter) especially if your numerous or a group. Otherwise you may be queued up for a while. The rates are fair. There is a small drinks stand down an “alleyway” between Arrivals & Departures. Assuming you were smart enough […]


Holguin Cuba Airport Review | Jeremy Dangle

I had purchased my ticket in Havana earlier in the week; it was en e-ticket, and so I was surprised at the delay, 25 minutes at check in, whilst the official went to a back office and wrote out a paper ticket! I queried this and was told that the worldwide disappearance of paper tickets […]