Holguin Cuba Airport Review | Jonathan Edwards

Always reserve the Holguin VIP  lounge as soon as you arrive ready for your return. I didn’t and sat jealously sweltering and being bitten by mosquitos as I waited for my inevitably late flight. Otherwise if there is only one flight due, there seems to be enough room and seats, probably get too crowded if more than one flight waiting to depart. Arrival and getting through customs is a fuss and very slow, although the security people are friendly, I got my passport stamped as well as the visa when I asked (nice free souvenir). Toilets were a bit smelly and not totally operational but did have toilet paper (Gents). Stuff is sold in both duty free shop and kiosks around the departure lounge. Note, as expected, the duty free shop is much cheaper. One can only pay in CUC’s – or at an crazy markup, by credit card. Good views of the apron from the lounge and the only downside is if you are a fervent anti-smoker. This is cuba, they sell cigars, you can work it out! Tip, a few people had stuff confiscated from their hand luggage, tobacco and spirits – I think it was all stuff that the proper export tax hadn’t been paid on. Keep a few CUC’s to slip the staff at the airport, and they also really apreciated a drink or two. As everywhere the porters are quite bullish. Don’t get upset at being asked for a tip just for loading the suitcase into the coach, Look how much you earn and then realise how much CAD 2  is worth to them.

renta de carros holguin